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How does an entire team of experts driving your social media sound? Amazing, right?! We understand that franchisees have many responsibilities in running a successful business. And in recent years, social media and reputation management have become critical items for your success.

Engage the RALLIO Local team of social gurus who will do the heavy lifting for you to create ridiculously engaging, hyper-local content; make sure local targeted audiences actually see and engage with that content; respond to all your social comments and online reviews; and basically, do the damn thing.


People do business with those they know, like and trust. RALLIO Local ensures you’re showcasing the you behind your brand, building trust with customers and adding personality to your page.

Automated text alerts remind franchisees and approved employees to upload local images and videos.

They tap to open the RALLIO app and upload or capture a photo or video featuring local employees, customers and special events.

With a quick in-app signature releasing liability and a few details to caption the photo or video, assets get saved in a database for our team’s use


Custom, hyper-local content gets created for your page — driving local business and helping to build a loyal, engaged community around your brand.

Employee advocacy

So you want to explode your reach and brand awereness. Then why are you publishing content on only your business social pages?!


Nothing drives results like a little friendly competition. Imagine having all of your employees competing to be the best at promoting your brand on social media.


Community management

Fact: most franchisees are too busy to respond to their online reviews and social media comments and messages. Fact: most customers see online reviews and social media as a support channel. RALLIO Local will respond to all online reviews and social media comments and messages within 24 hours.

Community management

The Science of social

In order to maximize the reach of content in your local community, you need to be asking: What should I boost? What campaigns should I run? When should I run them? How much should I spend? The RALLIO Local team knows the formula, plus we use artificial intelligence to boost the right content, at the right time, for the right amount. Let us manage the science.

The Science of social

Our reviews say it all


Let our team of crazy creative’s re-shape the way you think about social, and be part of the coolest club there is.