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Turn On Your Local Impact

National brands with multiple locations use Rallio to engage customers, drive traffic and increase revenue at the local level.

What can you learn about Rallio and Social Media in less than 2 minutes that will revolutionize your business?
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Brand & Content Management

Post across thousands of locations, manage imagery, control messaging, monitor keywords, view analytics and generate new business - all from one convenient dashboard.

"Without Rallio, we would have no idea what's being posted across social media by our location owners. Now we can approve and monitor posts so our customers only see our best."

Jen Gillion

Retro Fitness
Social Ads

Personalized Content Automation

Locations consistently receive corporate approved content created by professional writers, editors, and suppliers. The Rallio technology can personalize the content to the specific location and post it upon approval or automatically to provide a worry-free, engaging social media presence.

"I love Rallio because while I'm busy with my business, I know that more great content is automatically going out to our customers through social media. In fact, one customer recently commented on a post that I hadn't even seen yet! It's a great system!"

Wayne Lawson


Quick Coupon Generator

Easily create coupons to post on social media that generate a unique bar code for every customer.

Social Ads

Boost one or thousands of posts all at once with just a few clicks, cutting hours of work down to mere minutes. The impossible just became very simple.

Review Generation

To get new customers at their new salons, Fantastic Sams boosted offers to people a few miles around each location. A third of the people who got the coupon walked into the salon to claim it, producing a 330% ROI for the campaign.

Social Ads

Reputation Management

Understand your customers' experiences, manage your overall reputation and generate new reviews from satisfied customers.

"We have seen conclusively that better reviews yields more customers. Customers have directly informed us that they have driven past other wireless providers and come to our particular locations because of reviews they read regarding the experiences other guests had when interacting with our business.

Now our support team has a system to manage, organize and respond to our customers in one easy-to-use dashboard. With the numbers of stores we need to monitor, Rallio makes it possible, efficient, and economical. We are taking our business to a new level by increasing our ability to effectively manage the customer experience, even after the sale."

Jason Hancock

GoWireless Verizon Premium Retailer

Multi-Location Management

See your best and worst performing locations at a glance and know why they're performing well or if they need improvement.

And So Much More

The results you get with Rallio are more than just a few likes. Your individual locations become a thriving, uniform brand presence, with personalized content that aligns with your business the way you want it to. And we have a lot more to share with you.

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