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Protect and Grow Your Brand on Social Media

A Platform for Success

Harness the power of social media to protect and grow your brand -- rallio makes it simple and impactful. With our innovative new technology platform, you can easily manage your entire social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ from one central online location. With access to rallio's vast content library, results-driven analytics, consolidated inbox/outbox messaging and more, now franchise organizations have the tools they need to make a splash in social media.

Multiple locations or multiple brands? Eliminate the inconsistency and have one voice.


Approve pre-written content with one click; personalize it with two.


Make it easy for your franchisees to engage with their customers.


You can't control what you can't see. Be aware of what your franchisees are doing and saying.

Analytics at a glance

See your best and worst performing franchisees at a glance -- and know why.

As our franchisees begin to grow their social presence, no doubt you'll want to know how they're performing. With rallio, you have easy access to reporting, so can always see your top performing franchisees at a glance, and more importantly, you'll know why. That way you can do more of what's working and make the necessary tweaks to improve upon anything that isn't, taking a few minutes to do when what would normally take hours.

  • Total Page Likes

    How many followers do you really have? View the total followers for all your pages.

  • Page Growth

    See the fastest growing local pages along with the total growth across all franchisees.

  • Engagement

    Keep track of how people are engaging with your franchisees' social pages.

  • Check Ins

    How many people are walking into your stores? Monitor your in-store social footprint.

People are talking to your franchisees all the time. Give them a universal place to view the conversations and respond to customers from a local community perspective.
What are your franchisees posting? View any content they share on social channels in one dashboard, where you can quickly monitor and follow-up on real-time discussions.

Hard-to-Ignore Content

Need content? Done. Just approve. Led by the former editor of Entrepreneur Magazine, our writing team creates quality, informative content for your franchise across multiple social media platforms. We constantly refresh and optimize our content after testing and analyzing it for highest engagement.


  • The Standard

    Create a post to send to every location's social platform on one screen.

  • Adding Personalization

    Make the post specific to each location by personalizing it with the location manager's name, address, or phone number.

  • Local Reach

    Now your post is unique for the community around each location.

And so much more

The results you get with rallio are more than just a few likes. It's a thriving, uniform, local social presence, from the corporate office to locations thousands of miles away, with personalized content and imagery that aligns with your brand the way you want it to. Since our technology is built around a marketing funnel for business growth, our clients see their fans becoming local customers who continue to refer business their way. And that, friends, is what you call winning.

If you're ready to take your local marketing efforts to the next level, sign up to be a part of our exclusive beta program. We're only taking a limited number of franchisees right now, so apply now for beta pricing.